Brazilian Butt Lifts

Butt Lift Surgery - PARS of Beverly HillsBrazilian Butt Lifts (Fat Transfers) are a state of the art procedure designed to take excess fat from unwanted areas and re-purpose it by injecting it into a space that may be lacking, such as the  buttocks. The procedure provides a safe, lasting, and beautiful solution to a concern faced by women all around the world. Already, thousands of women have successfully undergone fat transfers and have fallen in love with the jaw-dropping, spectacular results.

Having confidence in your body is a gift that everyone should be able attain. Your body is an important part of your presentation to the world and many women may be anxious about their appearance. The beauty of fat transfers is two fold: the ability to both remove unwanted fat and also fill in areas that are lacking. If you find yourself in this category, a fat transfer could be just the procedure you need to look and feel your absolute best.


 What is a Brazilian Butt Lift:

Similar to breast augmentation, a “Brazilian butt lift” can provide added curved and supple shape to the buttocks through the use of fat transfers. For those who desire a fuller, more rounded rear end, a Brazilian butt lift could be the perfect fit.

The best candidates have:
•    Donor areas. Since fat transfers remove fat from one area, it is important that the patient has fat tissue that is able to taken away. For those with a very low body fat percentage, this procedure may not be feasible.
•    Desire to improve body contour. After fat tissue is removed from one area, it is relocated and shaped to another area. Common fat transfer procedures include reshaping of the buttocks, breasts, filling depressions in body areas, or revitalizing the lips and other facial areas.
•    Desire to improve facial structure. In addition, the the body as a whole, many patients elect to use fat transfers as a method of improving facial structure. If you have contour irregularities, scars, or other issues affecting your facial structure, a fat transfer may be able to help.


Fat transfers are very safe and produce long lasting results; however, after your surgery you will need to account for a recovery period before returning to your regular routine:

First week – Swelling and bruising during the first week can be significant, and you may not want to see others in a social or professional setting.

Second week – Bruising will begin to subside, but you will still experience swelling.

Third week – Expect great improvement in swelling and overall appearance. You’ll begin to look more like yourself and should resume regular activities if you have not already. For areas that are still experiencing bruising or swelling, light makeup can cover up these areas in the mean time.

Fourth week – By this time the swelling will have subsided enough for you to begin to appreciate your new body shape. However, some swelling may persist for a few more weeks.

Of course, all patients are handled on a case by case basis by our professional and friendly staff, as well as your board certified surgeon. During your initial consultation, the recovery process will be discussed in detail as it pertains to your unique situation.


There are many types of fat transfer surgery options and which one is right for you will depend on many factors including: body type, fat percentage, overall health, post procedure goals. Our board certified doctors have a deep understanding, and experience in performing fat transfers. It would be our pleasure to and explain in detail the best option for you during your initial consultation at our Beverly Hills and Inland Empire offices.

Facial fat transfer: Fat can be removed from your abdomen, thighs, or other areas, in order to be injected into multiple areas of the face, lips, and cheeks where there may be a lack of volume.

Breast augmentation: A fat transfer is not as robust as a breast implant procedure, but if you desire a modest increase in breast size or moderate reshaping, you could be a good candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation.

Breast implants plus fat transfer: Often times, fat transfers are used in combination with a breast implant procedure. If you have areas that are lacking or need smoothing over after a breast implant surgery, fat transfers a seamlessly do the trick.

Breast reconstruction: If you have suffered from breast cancer, a fat transfer can create a partial or total reconstruction of the areas of the breasts that may need to be filled in with fat.

Contact our office to set up an initial consultation. During our meeting we will discuss your expectations and which procedures will best help you achieve the results you want.